4 Key Ways New Windows Boost Home Sustainability and Save Energy

Will new windows save energy? The question on everybody”s lips.

In nearly every post we write, we talk about energy efficiency, sustainability and green living.  So, we think it’s high time we give the subject a post of its own.

There”s a good reason it’s something we cover every week.  Whether you’re at the early stages of a build project or replacing existing windows, energy efficiency and sustainability really should be front of mind.

In the realm of green building and sustainable design, windows play a crucial role that extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. 

Sustainability is important to us and as such, we recognise the importance of energy-efficient window solutions and their impact on the environment. 

In this blog post, we delve into the significant role windows play in green building practices. Not just for lavish Grand Designs, but for the every-day window replacement and home renovation projects, too.

Join us as we explore a window\’s role in energy efficiency, natural lighting, indoor air quality, and your comfort, too.

1. Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance.

Windows significantly influence a building\’s energy efficiency and thermal performance. By minimising heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, energy-efficient windows help reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling, leading to lower energy consumption. Innovative technologies, such as low-emissivity (low-e) coatings and double or triple glazing, enhance the insulation properties of windows. These advancements effectively block harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to penetrate, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting during the day.

In addition to that, the strategic placement of windows can optimise passive solar heating and cooling. By carefully considering the orientation and size of windows, architects and designers can harness the power of the sun to naturally warm interiors in colder months and promote natural ventilation during warmer periods. 

This integration of passive design principles – which to us means using the weather to heat or cool your home – reduces reliance on mechanical systems and decreases carbon emissions.  One tick for making new windows a big player in sustainable architecture.

2. Natural Lighting and Daylighting.

Natural lighting has a huge impact on both the aesthetic and environmental aspects of a building. 

Well designed windows allow daylight to flood indoor spaces, creating a space that looks beautiful whilst reducing the need to switch the lights on. Maximising natural light not only improves your mood and productivity but also saves energy and reduces electricity costs.  Win-win.

Now don’t worry, you don’t need to be an architect to optimise natural lighting techniques.  Various window features can be utilised, such as larger window openings, slimline window frames, larger panes of glass and skylights.  If you’re getting really fancy, you can consider using light shelves to reflect the daylight into the room. Whilst used mostly in commercial settings, they can look great in the right kind of home, too.


The use of light shelves in a naturally lit interior space

These elements help distribute light evenly throughout interior spaces, minimising glare and maximising the benefits of daylight. Additionally, automated integral shading systems or solar control films can be employed to manage light levels and prevent overheating in sun-exposed areas.

3. Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation.

Windows play a key role in maintaining good indoor air quality by facilitating proper ventilation.

Adequate ventilation ensures the removal of pollutants, allergens, and moisture from indoor spaces, promoting a healthier living or working environment. 

Windows can be designed to incorporate innovative ventilation strategies, such as trickle vents or automated systems that respond to indoor air quality and temperature, minimising energy consumption associated with mechanical ventilation.

4. How can windows affect your wellbeing?

Your windows have a direct impact on your comfort and wellbeing.  

Natural light and views to the outdoors have been proven to enhance productivity, reduce stress levels, and improve overall satisfaction. Therefore, making the most of daylight and being able to connect with nature through well-positioned windows creates an indoor environment that positively influences your health and wellbeing.

Windows with high acoustic performance also contribute to your comfort by reducing the amount of noise coming into your home from outside, creating a peaceful and tranquil home environment. This feature is particularly noticeable in busy towns and cities, or areas with high traffic.

Side note: You may be wondering what your wellbeing has to do with green building practices and sustainability.  Well, people who consider themselves well and satisfied make better choices when it comes to how they operate in the world, and that includes their involvement in green living and sustainability.

Windows play a vital role in green building and sustainable design and it’s really important to think about that role when choosing your new windows.

By investing in energy-efficient windows, incorporating daylighting strategies, ensuring proper ventilation, and not forgetting the importance of your wellbeing, you’ll be able to rest well knowing that you’ve done something to contribute towards a greener planet.

As a company who cares, we do what we can to make sure our operating practices are as green as they can be. To eliminate the number of pre-quote site visits we do, we ask that you send us photographs of the windows you’re looking to have replaced, along with as much detail as you can about the windows you”re looking at having installed, including rough measurements. A window schedule is even better! Email us with all of that and we can get back to you”ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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