Sliding Sash Windows

Designed to replicate the traditional timber sash windo

Introducing our revolutionary PVCu Sash Window!

This window not only replicates the traditional timber sash window but it also incorporates all of the benefits of PVCu, making it a virtually maintenance-free option for your home. The PVCu Sash Window operates just like a traditional box sash window, with both the top and bottom sashes sliding up and down, as well as tilting inwards as standard.

Not only do our PVCu Sash Windows provide a more modern look to your home, but they are also a highly insulated solution. This means that they create a draught-free environment and allow for complete temperature control, allowing you to save energy and heat, and ultimately save on your energy bills.

To add to the aesthetic appeal of your windows, we provide a choice of hardware and decorative features to complement any type of property. Our options vary from original features to modern components, allowing you to find the perfect look for your home. So why wait? Upgrade to our PVCu Sash Windows today and enjoy the benefits of both traditional and modern designs!

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