5 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Are there certain signs to look out for that show you need replacement windows?

Realising you need to replace your windows can come as a bit of a shock, but sooner or later, it’ll become one of those unavoidable items on your list.

We don’t believe in replacing windows for the sake of it or before their time is up, but when it is time, we want to help you choose something you love and that will last!

If now is the time for you to get new windows, we really do recommend choosing something that is of great quality, steering clear of anything cheap.  You don’t want to be coming across any of the below issues again, any time soon!

1. Your windows are draughty? You might need replacement windows!

If you’ve noticed a draught coming through your closed windows, it might be a sign that you need replacement windows.  Draughty windows often mean the sealed units have ‘gone’…we’ll tell you more about that in point 2!

We’ve already told you about one top tip to check for draughts in this post, and now we have another!

Making sure your windows are closed, hold a damp hand about 5-10 cm away from the window and move it slowly around the edges of the frame and openings.  A damp hand will feel the draft quicker and more obviously than a dry one, as the air coming through will cool the water on your hand!

You can also use a piece of paper – position it between the sash and the frame and close the sash.  If you can pull the paper out with the window in the closed position, then the window is failing

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2. The sealed window units are ‘gone’.

There are sure signs that will alert you to this.  

  • Look out for fogging in between the panes of glass.
  • Ice or frost on the inside of your windows
  • Draughts (see point 1!)
  • Your heating is on and you’re still cold!  If you notice that, even though your heating is on, you are layering the blankets and sporting a cold nose, it’s probably a sign that there is cold air coming in through your windows (draughts, broken seals, etc!)
  • You’ve noticed an increase in the noise from outside (and it’s not because some noisy neighbours have moved in!)

Unfortunately, when a window seal has ‘gone’, it can’t be fixed and will need replacing.  As always, check your guarantee.  Although it can be a single faulty window, when one sealed window unit goes, it’s usually a sign of things to come (sorry!)

3. There’s condensation forming in-between the panes of glass inside of the window unit.

We’re not talking about condensation on the inside of the pane of glass (we go into more detail about that here), we’re talking about condensation gathering in between the panes of glass, inside the window unit.  

This is a pretty sure sign that you need replacement windows.  

First things first, check if it’s under guarantee (all our windows come with 10 years) and take a photo!  A photo will really help you when claiming through your guarantee.  

If it’s outside of the guarantee period, head to Addisons Glass if you are local to us, or your preferred local glass specialist.

4. Your windows are difficult to open and close.

If you’ve always lived in houses with older windows, you might not have had the pleasure of experiencing a window that opens and closes without a hitch.

Windows should be smooth to operate.  You might not realise it, but they do require a bit of maintenance by way of cleaning and lubricating.  If you’ve been doing these things and your windows still clunk and jam, it’s probably time to look at replacing them.

We often inherit windows from previous owners and there’s no knowing how they’ve been cared for – or where they’re from!  You’ll be more likely to find cheap windows move about and become misaligned; you really do get what you pay for!

5. You’ve had your windows for over 10-15 years.  

The windows we supply can last you over 20 years if well cared for.  Unfortunately, the windows installed 10-15 years ago (10 years for cheaper windows, 15 years for better quality ones) weren’t quite up to the same scratch! 

What can we say?!  Technology and innovation has advanced a lot in those 10-15 years and the lifespan of older windows simply isn’t as long as the windows we install today.

We know that replacement windows aren’t a decision to be taken lightly, and we want to help you make the best choice and investment possible.  We are always here to help and you can get in touch here for a quote.

New, good quality windows will not only save you money on your heating bills and help keep you cooler in the summertime,  but they’ll be attractive to prospective buyers should you decide to sell up!

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