3 Simple Ways To Care for Your Windows in Winter

When the colder weather of winter arrives, our minds turn to how we can stop our energy bills from skyrocketing.

The windows we install here at Milford Window Company are manufactured to the highest standard. They\’ll contribute to you being able to keep your house nice and warm throughout the winter months…without having to crank the heating right up!

But to go that extra mile, you might find yourself trying to keep heat in the house during the colder months. Keeping your windows closed to keep the heat in isn\’t always a simple trade off!

Your windows need a little TLC every now and again… it’s not a close-and-forget situation!

Carry on reading to find out what you can do to keep your windows in tip top working condition, maximise their efficiency and make sure they’re well maintained.  All of which will result in your windows lasting longer too. 

1. Perform a 4 point check on and around your windows.

It sounds simple, but the first thing to do before the weather really turns is to check your windows.  

Have a gander at all of your windows, including where the window meets the wall. Look out for gaps, cracks, shrunken or perished seals and drafts. Moving a candle flame around the window edges – whilst the window is closed –  on a windy day is a great way to do this. Repair anything that needs it.

Also make sure that when you open and close the window, it does so smoothly.  A misaligned window will let a draft in.

What to do if you do notice any of the above problems with your windows:

If your windows are on the older side, gaps between the window and wall can be filled with caulk (smaller gaps) or weatherstripping (larger gaps).

If they are new and your installer has ‘finished’ the job and left gaps between your window and wall (this should never be the case!), contact the company you used and ask them to come and finish the job properly!

At The Milford Window Company, we choose windows for their top-spec manufacturing, energy efficient glazing and high-performance ratings.

Top tip:

If you notice any broken glass, the best thing to do is to check your window guarantee provided by your installers.  If your window is out of guarantee, or if broken glass isn\’t covered by the guarantee and you are local, we recommend Addisons Glass in Guildford, Surrey.

2. Give your windows a good clean!

Believe it or not, clean windows and frames keep out the cold more efficiently.  We\’re used to ‘spring cleaning’… well think of this as ‘winter cleaning’!

Here are our trade tips for cleaning your windows:

As far as the frames are concerned, a vacuum with the soft brush attachment will be your best option. Follow with a wash down with warm soapy water (remember to dry afterwards!)

When it comes to the glass, again, we favour warm (lightly) soapy water and a squeegee to remove excess moisture.  Make sure you change the water out regularly to avoid adding more dirt to your window!

Don\’t forget the window rebates and edges!  Give these a good clean with, you guessed it, warm soapy water. Use a damp (not wet) cloth, dry afterwards and spray with a silicone spray to finish.

Top tip:

Did you know that lint attracts dirt and dust via the static charge it leaves on the glass? That\’s why we always recommend cleaning your windows using a clean, lint free cloth or rag. An an old cotton t-shirt or microfibre cloth are both great options.

3. Keep an eye out for condensation build up on the inside surface of your windows.

When the temperature outside is drastically different to the temperature inside, moisture and condensation will likely form on the inside of your windows. It\’s caused by the humidity inside your house.  Steam from cooking and kettles boiling, plants perspiring, humans and animals breathing, showers, baths and drying clothes are all likely culprits.

Condensation build up on your windows will cause them to degrade more quickly. It can lead to damp, damaged paintwork/wallpaper and mouldy curtains. It\’s an unpleasant problem that needs attention and adds to the feeling of cold in your house.

If left unattended for too long, you might start to notice black mould appearing around the seals and on your windowsill, too.  It’s important you tend to this ASAP as not only is it bad for your health, it can lead to rot that\’s a pain to deal with!

What can I do about condensation build up?

Make sure you wipe any condensation away when you notice it with a dry microfibre cloth.  Briefly raising the temperature in the room whilst popping your window open will also allow heat and fresh air to circulate, further reducing the likelihood of condensation build up.

When the temperature allows, sleeping with your windows ajar will prevent condensation forming and you’ll get a better night\’s sleep, too (colder rooms and fresh oxygen = better, more restful sleep)!  If you can’t bring yourself to do this and your window has trickle vents, slide them to the open position.

Whilst heavy curtains and close fitting blinds are fantastic for keeping the cold out and heat out, they can also trap moisture on the window surface.  Just something to keep in mind if you have them, so that you can keep a closer eye on your condensation situation!

If condensation build up is a persistent problem, or you notice condensation forming within the cavity of a window unit (whether it’s winter or not) it could mean that your double – or triple – glazed windows have lost their seal and are no longer providing the insulating value they once did.

How do new windows help with condensation and keeping the heat in?

If you have double or triple glazing, you’re already off to a good start.  But it doesn’t stop there…

Double or triple glazed windows manufactured with a unit containing low-emissivity glass have a coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room. 

That means that the internal surface of the window unit will likely no longer be the coldest surface in the room and condensation will be less likely to gather there! No build up of condensation means no window degradation caused by condensation!

The bonus?  Heat being reflected back into the room + reducing the likelihood of condensation building up on the internal window surface + all the other benefits of high-performing windows = a more energy efficient house!

Here’s the window-care consensus.

Caring for your windows during winter is a quick and easy job and when done right, will save you a lot of hassle and headache!

If you’ve realised that now is the right time for you to invest in some new windows and you live in Guildford, Surrey (or the surrounding areas), get in touch and we will be more than happy to help!

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