5 Logical Reasons To Choose PVCu Sash Windows Over Timber

Are you questioning whether to replace your original timber sliding sash windows with PVCu or timber?  Here are 5 logical reasons to choose PVCu sash windows over timber, any day of the week.

Whenever we receive an enquiry for replacement sash windows, there’s always a question over whether the client should replace them with timber sash windows, or whether they should choose a PVCu sash window alternative.

PVCu is commonly – and let us say, incorrectly – thought to be an inferior replacement for timber, but we couldn’t disagree more.

Those beliefs are often based on memories of the early days of PVCu windows or examples of cheap PVCu windows.

One thing we do know; home-owners are always keen to retain the character of the property.  The number one request we receive is for the replacements to look like timber sash  with the performance and low maintenance  of PVCu.

Thanks to the PVCu sash window systems we use, you really can have it all!

Here are the 5 logical reasons we will always choose PVCu sash windows over timber sash windows.

1. PVCu sash windows don’t require any painting!

Have you ever walked past a house that needed its timber windows painted and had a moment of gratitude that painting them wasn’t on your to-do list?! Heck, if you\’re replacing your timber sash windows, you\’ll probably know what it\’s like first hand to have to repaint them.

Painting timber windows requires A LOT of work!

And repainting them requires even more!  It’s not a simple job of slapping on a few new coats; it requires stripping, sanding, filling and more sanding.  

Then you need to find the appropriate paint (it needs to allow the timber to breathe).  Finally, you have to  wait for the right weather, time up a ladder or on scaffolding (a hefty cost)… The worst news is that they will need painting approximately every 6-8 years (and that’s if it’s been done correctly in the first place)!!

Of course, you can get someone to do it for you.  But you don’t even need to consider doing that with PVCu windows.  

OK, OK.  We don’t need to talk any more about how timber sash windows are a pain in the glass, to convince you about how brilliant PVCu sash windows are.  From now on, we promise to tell only about why PVCu windows are so great…

The PVCu sash windows we install come in an array of colours and have a woodgrain finish.  All they need is a wash every now and again and it’ll look as if you’ve just given them a fresh coat of paint!

2. You don’t have to worry about rotting with PVCu windows.

See above when we told you about finding the right kind of paint?  Timber needs to breathe and when it can’t (for example, if a plasticised paint is trapping in moisture) it will rot.  Rot can be fixed if it’s minimal but often, the window unit will need replacing.

Rotting isn’t an issue with PVCu, so you can take this concern straight off your list!

3. PVCu sash windows don’t warp.

PVCu is a really stable material.  

An issue with timber frame windows is that they’re susceptible to warping (whoops, we just broke our promise, again!)  

Warping at best will leave gaps in the window unit, hello draft!  At worst, it will stop you being able to use your window because it will no longer align.  

Those are things you just don’t need to think about when installing PVCU sash windows.

4. They look just as good as the timber originals (yes, really!)

Traditional features go beyond the woodgrain effect and array of colour options we mentioned above. 

You can choose styles and shapes that will closely replicate your original windows, hardware inspired by original designs, options for coupled and bay windows and glass patterns that will replace any used in areas you don’t want people looking into!

5. They outperform timber sash windows when it comes to your energy bills.

Our PVCu sash  windows provide a draught free, insulated solution that allows for complete temperature control, and more importantly will go towards saving energy & heat.  Enough said!

Have we convinced you yet?!  Why not take a look at our Instagram and Facebook to see some of the sash windows we’ve installed

If you’re looking to replace your timber sash windows, get in contact here and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

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